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Privacy Statement

  • Personal information Policy of FAMILY EXPRESS
    FAMILY EXPRESS co. ltd. considers your personal information important and comply with the Act on Promotion of Information Communication Network Utilization, and the Privacy Act. Through the Privacy Policy, the company will inform you about the purpose and methods for which the personal information provided is used and what actions are taken to protect the privacy.
    Any amendments on the policy will be advised on the website notice (or individual notice).
    - This policy is effective December 1, 2017.

    1. Personal information that are collected

    Following personal information are collected for online quotation inquiry and visit application.

    Information Collected : Details needed for online quotation inquiry such as company name, name of applicant, phone number, e-mail and contents of inquiry.

    Personal Information Collection Method: Website (Online quotation inquiry)

    2. Purpose of personal information collection and usage

    The company offers free access to most of its contents without a separate membership registration process.
    The company uses the personal information collected according to the online quotation inquiry for the following purposes.

    3. Retention and usage period of personal information

    The personal information is deleted without delay after the purpose of collection and usage have been achieved.

    4. Procedure and method for shredding personal information

    The company shall discard the personal information without delay if the purpose of collection or the purpose provided is achieved. The disposal procedure and procedure are as follows.

    5. The process of disposal

    The information you entered for the use of online quotation inquiry is transferred to a separate database after the purpose has been achieved (separate document box in case of paper) and the information protection period (refer to the period of data storage and usage).
    Personal information transferred to a separate DB cannot be used for any other purpose except it complies the law.

    6. Method of disposal When the purpose of the collection or the purpose for the delivery is achieved Personal information printed on paper: shredded or incinerated Personal information stored in the form of electronic files: deleted by technical method that do not leave history

    7. Sharing and providing personal information to 3rd party.

    The company shall not share nor provide personal information collected to the third party.

    8. Consignment of Personal Information Processing

    The company does not contract to any other parties in handling personal information.
    If such a need arises in the future, we will inform you of the consignees and the details of consigned party, and will seek prior consent if necessary.

    9. Installation, operation, and refusal of automatic personal information collection devices

    The company is striving to protect the client's personal information and handle complaints related to personal information.
    If you have any questions about your personal information, please contact us as below We will respond to your inquiries promptly and faithfully.

    10. Personal Information Management Department : Management Department

    TEL: 02.783.6181

    11. Consulting and reporting on personal information breaches

    If you need to report or consulting with the organization for other violation of personal information, contact the following organization.
    Personal Information Conflict Ration Coordination Committee ( - 404-5150)
    Information Protection Markings Certification Commission ( / 02-580-0533 - 4)
    National Police Agency Cyber Security Agency ( / 182)
    The Internet Crime Investigation Center of the Supreme Public Prosecutors ' Office ( / 02-3480-3600)
    National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center (02-392-0330)

    12.Responsibility of notifying amendments in the policy

    This Privacy Policy was revised on August 22, 2016. The company will announce any amendments at least seven days before making any changes, including adding, deleting or modifying the contents, that are in compliance with the changes in policies or security technologies.
    - Privacy Policy Version Number : v1.1
    - Personal information handling policy implementation date : 2017.12. 01
    - Personal information handling policy change date : 2017.12. 01