1. Self-Established Customs Entry and Transportation

a. One-Stop, Total Forwarding Service Controlled by F.E.G.

b. From Booking to Door Delivery Handled by F.E.G.

2. Individual Trailer Broker: F.E.G. Logistics Inc.

a. Load Options

Whether you’re looking to book a one-time load or dedicated equipment opportunities, our diverse customer base and industries served offers you transactional and contractual opportunities to reduce empty miles.


Less-Than-Truckload brings low-cost freight transportation throughout the nation. Our dedicated LTL support team is available 24/7 to assist your team with every shipment.


Full-Truckload-Load is dedicated and capable in reducing costs and improves execution throughout the transit. We have established a result-oriented and proven track record to safely and quickly deliver our customers’ shipments.

b. Quality Freight

- Our network of over 25,000 shippers is constantly growing, providing our carriers a wide variety of quality and reliable loads that keep your drivers and fleet on the road. As a partner of leading full-service 3PL companies, we cooperate with numerous of carriers to bring much options as possible.

c. Industry-Leading Technology

- We have an online portal that enables drivers and dispatchers real-time access to view and update tracking, access available loads, run performance reports, upload documents, and manage payables online.

d. More Other Multimodal Transportation Services

- Expedited Shipping - Intermodal Rail - International Air & Ocean - Parcel & Small Packages - Over-Dimensional - Loads Requiring Specialized Service